she had a face straight out a magazine
Anonymous asked How old are you

I’m 17 :) 


Cloudy skies over Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

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algaei replied to your post: guys I’m really confused, could someon…

someone hacked into some celebs phones via iCloud ppl think and they leaked nudes of jennifer lawrence, ariana grande, victoria justice and kate upton amongst others and posted it on 4chan and now they’re everywhere and it’s awful for them

oh my god, that’s terrible! Thank you so much for informing me, I just didn’t know what to search up to get more info!


Saul Landell

guys I’m really confused, could someone please explain to me what’s happening with the celebs’ nudes? sorry I don’t follow this kind of stuff but I’ve been reading a lot of angry posts!!


Zack Seckler